Confidentiality and Information-Sharing Resources

Welcome to Stewards of Change resources for organizations seeking to expand information-sharing with properly planned and executed confidentiality and governance structures. Stewards of Change has developed data-sharing legal toolkits for the federal government (ACF), State of Illinois, New York State, and the National League of Cities; these provide an analysis of how the major federal laws impact what data may be shared about residents (adults and children), and also delineate the most effective process for extending the legal analysis to a local jurisdiction.

Stewards of Change Consulting provides services that support increased integration and information-sharing at all levels of government. More information on those services is available in this brief guide.


National League of Cities Confidentiality Toolkit

The National League of Cities data-sharing toolkit is a good foundation, but local state, county, and local laws and regulations also need to be analyzed to ensure data and operational integration efforts proceed smoothly and legally, and that the public’s trust is protected and maintained. Stewards’ legal staff is able to ensure that governments build successfully on the NLC Toolkit and quickly make progress in achieving the benefits that operational integration promises.

Download the NLC toolkit



State of Illinois Interoperability Framework

In its work with the Illinois Framework program, SOC provided the primary guidance to create a nationally recognized handbook for governance of interoperability projects and also worked with staff attorneys to forge an information sharing environment that respects confidentiality and privacy laws across the state agencies.

Click to download the Illinois Governance Framework document.


New York State Confidentiality Toolkit

Transmittal Letter

Body of Toolkit - Final

Toolkit Appendix (Large file - 30 MB)



2010 Stewards of Change/Field Center Confidentiality Conference Resources



Conference Summary


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